Ray Talk: Digital evolution and artificial intelligence

Beyond the internet as we know it – a space for experimentation for forward thinkers

Munich, 28.04.2023: Recognising the signs of the digital age and its opportunities, connecting with other movers and shakers in the industry, exchanging ideas, facing challenges and finding innovative solutions together – this and much more is what the regular Ray Talk event series is all about, which will enter the next round on 25 May 2023 at our premises in the heart of Munich. In addition to renowned speakers and clients, partners and experts from our digital company will also be invited. An innovation hub that brings people together and reflects Ray Sono’s DNA: Think.Do.Love.

Ray Talk 2023 – all about AI

We continue to experiment with text creation and organise our events with personal dedication – but will we still battle with spell-checking tools, try to overcome writer’s block with sweets and run events physically in the future? Which brings us to the topic: “Beyond the internet as we know it …” What is certain is that AI technology will be the big challenge of the future. So how do we manage the rapid evolution of machines, what measures lead to the best possible outcome for our clients, employees and society and how does modern “leadership” work in such an environment? In order to make the digital turnaround as tangible as possible and to initiate intensive discussions, we have invited renowned personalities who will take us on a journey with their in-depth knowledge and personal experience, reaching far beyond the digital horizon.

The speakers

Prof. Dr. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h. c. Jivka Ovtcharova  

Professor at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Laura Faerber 

COO Brightfield – E.ON  

Nicholas Ord

CTO Brightfield – E.ON 

Martin Wider 

Global Head of Customer Experience – Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA

Chris Boos 

IT entrepreneur, investor und member of the Federal Government’s Digital Council

Our guests can expect an afternoon full of exciting sessions and intensive discussions. Always on an equal footing, free of thought barriers and prejudices. Following the content part of the event, we will deepen the impressions of the presentations in a cosy, relaxed atmosphere and conclude the evening with conversations over wine and food. “All we need to do is make sure we keep talking!”

You want to learn more about Ray Sono? Get in touch!

You want to learn more about Ray Sono? Get in touch!

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