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The Corona crisis is changing markets – occasionally for the good. In these times, some companies’ products seem to be particularly in demand and are showing significant increases in sales figures.

Ray Sono

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According to Germany’s daily newspaper Tagesspiegel, sales in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland as well as in France have risen by 40 percent – and in Italy by as much as 60 percent. This could be due to the current situation – i.e. that many people are spending a lot of time at home – or simply to the well-thought-out marketing strategy of Womanizer. In regard to the latter, Friederike Hintze, Head of Global Content of the WOW Tech Group (which also includes the Womanizer brand), gave us interesting insights at our Ray Talk.

Content is experience – this theme couldn’t have fit into a Ray Talk any better. Speaker Friederike Hintze shared interesting insights into the marketing and content world of a product that is all about experience.

Sex toys as a “purpose-driven brand”?

According to Friederike Hintze, although societal changes are taking place, it’s still considered embarrassing and even taboo to talk about sexuality and sex toys today. That’s why products from this industry have a tremendous difficulty finding their audience. In addition, the market is fiercely competitive and inundated with low-cost imitations. So how is it possible to get the Womanizer, a high-priced design piece and at the same time the brand’s flagship, into women’s hands – where it belongs? Content expert Friederike Hintze relies on an open dialogue about this taboo subject and the power of persuasion of real user experience.

Storytelling with the Womanizer

WOW Tech uses authentic stories to get its product closer to the target group. The company’s content marketing strategy is based on the experience loop model: Create awareness and demand – the product is bought and gets positive ratings, which in turn stimulates dialogue. To this end, the company also uses various strategies, such as opening a pop-up store in Berlin.

The experience loop also features the “O*Diaries” – an informative and entertaining magazine available in German and English. It serves as a vehicle and multiplier. Doctors, therapists, and experts with medically sound know-how ensure an open dialogue, which Friederike Hintze finds so important.

Interview with Friederike Hintze

In the Ray Sono interview, Friederike Hintze reveals what communication is all about, what challenges they face, and how successful content marketing of products such as the Womanizer functions.

The top 3 takeaways

  1. Before even starting to market a product, educational work must sometimes be done (literally).
  2. Authentic stories from real users can be used to emotionalise a physical product.
  3. Exceptional products require exceptional content marketing.

About Ray Talks

Ray Talk is a regularly occurring series in which our customers, partners, experts, pioneers, and inspiration providers from many industries exchange views on a key topic. And finally, to the topic: “Content is experience!” There are always interesting speakers on our stage who share their experiences and give us impulses.

You want to learn more about Ray Sono? Get in touch!

You want to learn more about Ray Sono? Get in touch!

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