How to turn your company’s diversity into content

Magdalena Rogl is an exciting personality with a clear mission and the message “Diversity is key”. As Head of Digital Channels at Microsoft Germany, she gave inspiring insights at our Ray Talk about creating a business climate where everyone feels comfortable.

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Magdalena Rogl stresses that creativity, innovation, and success require diversity between and in teams, authentic employees, a passion for their own products, and love for their customers and partners.

Even as she introduced herself, it was clear: Microsoft is serious about diversity. The digital boss is not originally from the tech world – she trained to be a childcare provider and had nothing to do with the digital world until she was 25. And even more: From her point of view, there are no “digital natives”. Instead, she is convinced that everyone can immerse themselves in the digital world and that it lives precisely from the many different perspectives that exist.


Drab turns colourful

Speaking of perspective: How does a company considered dusty and uncool completely reinvent itself? Microsoft had to face this challenge just a few years ago. Magdalena Rogl gives the answer:

Cultural change! For Microsoft, this meant taking advantage of its diversity and becoming more colourful. And to recognise that communication does not work from company to person, but only from person to person. To reach many people, many voices have to tell how much the company has changed.

Magdalena Rogl, Microsoft Germany

Wanted: Authentic Brand Ambassadors

A company like Microsoft could buy the most influential, best-known influencers to carry its message to the customer. But this is exactly what it doesn’t do. Because it’s not just about content, but about personal experiences. About enthusiasm and passion. And who could get this across better than the employees themselves? They give the company not one, but many different faces.

At Microsoft, diversity is our creed. It is the most important thing we have.

Sabine Bendiek, CEO Microsoft Germany

Videos, podcasts, blog posts, tweets: The types of content used are as varied as the many brand ambassadors. True to the internal motto “come as you are and do what you love”, all employees around the world have the opportunity to get involved and tell their stories – from their point of view, in their own way, and in their own social media style. The results are convincing: These private accounts beat every company account in terms of commitment and reach.


“Diversity is an opportunity, not a disruptor” – The Interview

Not numbers, but people are in the foreground, as Magdalena Rogl tells us in the subsequent Ray Sono interview. It’s not about measurable success, but about noticeable success: Employees and customers have regained confidence in the company and realised how valuable it is.

Our top 3 takeaways

  1. Diversity enriches – and is an opportunity for really good content.
  2. Brand communication needs ambassadors who are personal and authentic.
  3. Don’t be afraid of experiments!


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