Click, click, click: In five clicks to my favourite project

I would actually say that my strength does not necessarily lie in writing stories. But I can still tell you one story. And it’s about me. About a four-year (working) life in the social media world. About my favourite project. And above all, why there’s an award sitting on my desk now.

Ramona Wittenberger, Consultant Social

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In my Ray Story, I tell how I went from junior employee to project manager, and in five crucial moments that I still remember today.

Moment 1: A new door

2015: A new door opens. After my training as a marketing manager and one year as a trainee – also in a digital agency, with a focus on project management and social media monitoring for a large DAX company – it was time for me to open a new door.

I decided to take a leap into the big, deep social media pool. To finally get insights into a special new world with all its nooks and crannies!

And then there was the door to a listed building in one of Munich’s rear courtyards. Packed with creative, good-as-gold, and smart Rays – that’s what we call ourselves.

So here I am now, starting my career as a junior online editor at Ray Sono.

Moment 2: Four years with Ray Sono

Four years later…

How long do employees usually stay in an agency? Today, the standard answer is a maximum of two to four years.

With Ray Sono, it’s different. Of course, some Rays leave. But – WOW! – others have been here for more than 20 years. This is an agency image that convinced me.

I’m not that far yet. But every year on the “anniversary”, my desk is filled with streamers, cake, and lots of colourful bits and pieces when I arrive. This is the fourth time.

In four years, a lot has happened.

Initially, there was no official “social media team”. Now, we have become a crew of more than 20 “social nerds”. One of them: me. Despite the team spirit and customer focus, this is also a story about oneself.

Because yes, we in the social media team are not only social nerds, but also live out our professional preferences in other ways. Humans themselves all work differently. For example, I am an absolute list fanatic, an order and control freak. Obviously, project management needs this kind of approach.

Moment 3: My favourite project

2018: My first really big campaign is in front of me on my desk. My own project. My “baby” and project of my own heart.

A campaign to expload the visibility of my client Bayern Tourismus Marketing. The perfect chance to unite my two personalities: social media nerd and project management freak.

And we’re off: brainstorming with colleagues, developing the creative concept, making presentations to the customer, elaborating the detailed concept with cross-media planning, and planning of filming days/locations. And then: the implementation.

The heart of the campaign is a 100-second video about Bavaria with cult comedian Harry G as the protagonist. In seven days of filming, the video crew and I drove to 40 shooting locations across Bavaria. It was exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. Such a project shows the knowledge and abilities one has developed over the past few years.

Bavaria in 100 seconds

Moment 4: It’s live!

F5, F5, F5, F5, F5. Our jaws drop as the post numbers skyrocket. I press F5 – and again: F5. The reach, likes, shares, and comments constantly grow. Colleagues come and congratulate me.

Wait a minute: What’s happening here?

The campaign is going through the ceiling – and it’s only now that I actually realise it!

At the end of the campaign, a total of four million people had seen the video. And yes: I was flabbergasted – just gobsmacked.

Moment 5: 3 Intermedia Globe Awards and 2 Cannes Dolphins

And suddenly you’re standing there. On stage at an international event with numerous other participants from Europe, Asia, and Oceania. An almost surreal world. You’re called on stage and handed an award together with your customer. Okay, in the end there were five awards – but who’s counting.

It was a sign that I did everything right. Not only today, not only yesterday, but over the last four years.

And this prize is here now. Here, on my desk, in this historic building.

Yes, maybe it does sound like I’m beating the drum for Ray Sono – but that’s not what it’s supposed to be. Of course, not every day is sunny. We are, after all, an agency.

But that’s exactly why I’m here. There’s no boredom or rigid structures here – which I like very much.

When you join the social media team at Ray Sono, you’re not just one of many, but you’re an individual in the middle of many, and you can evolve in many directions.

Oh, you’re the one who made the Bavaria video with Harry G? – Yep, that’s me.
May I introduce Ramona Wittenberger. Social Media Manager at Ray Sono and at heart, a real Bavarian girl with an affinity for social media and old-fashioned to-do lists so that she can tick off all completed tasks.

Ramona Wittenberger, Ray Sono

You want to learn more about Ray Sono? Get in touch!

You want to learn more about Ray Sono? Get in touch!

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