Digital Out Of Home: A Christmas newsletter takes off

Successful digital marketing should convey emotions and, at best, deepen the brand’s relationship with its customers. However, sometimes a project develops a life of its own and goes in a completely unforeseen direction. This happened with our “Which Christmas type are you?” email campaign, designed for our longstanding client Austrian Airlines. Each character for the survey was lovingly illustrated by our graphics department.

Ray Sono

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The purpose of this campaign was to tempt travel enthusiasts into taking a winter vacation and to provide individual packages according to travel type. The newsletter from Austrian Airlines allowed subscribers to assign one of four Christmas types to themselves: cosmopolite, sun worshipper, Christmas fan, and Christmas grouch. The results were not surprising: 35 percent of those questioned long for the sun, the beach, and the ocean. After taking the survey, each participant received three suitable destinations.

The project took off in an unexpected direction. Our lovingly created Christmas illustrations were so popular that the Berlin agency thjnk decided to integrate the characters into their marketing campaign for Austrian Airlines. Soon, large banners with our creations were displayed at Vienna airport. Posters were put up inside the airport’s skybridge and our illustrations are projected on giant video walls inside the terminal.

The way our lovely idea has grown from a newsletter image to oversized OOH illustrations in and around Vienna airport is almost a small Christmas miracle – made possible by the perfect symbiosis of digital potentials, OOH ingenuity, and intellectual property.

Nicolas Escherich, Managing Director, Ray Sono

The cooperation with Austria’s largest airline Austrian Airlines has existed since 2003. Since then, we got to prove ourselves in different digital disciplines: from conceptual consulting for the website, personalised output of add-on services, and performance management of digital push communication, to editorial support for the newsletter. The latter is at the heart of our collaboration and has brought us an early Christmas gift this year.

Would you like to learn more about our cooperation with Austrian Airlines? Get in touch!

Would you like to learn more about our cooperation with Austrian Airlines? Get in touch!

Nicolas Escherich
Member of the Executive Board
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