Futurist sounds the alarm: Germany lacks digital vision and AI

  • Amy Webb: long-term strategies instead of AI hype
  • “Remote Daily” session as an appeal to the industry
  • Community host Ray Sono connected decision-makers of the digital scene


video of the whole session

Munich, 12.10.2023: “Germany lacks the vision for a digital future!” AI luminary Amy Webb started the “Remote Daily” show “AI and the Future of Work” with this sobering thesis. During the show, selected representatives from the German industrial and digital sectors had the opportunity to enter into a virtual dialogue with the American futurist. Digital specialist Ray Sono acted as community partner.


The reasons for her criticism: Germany is stuck in the here and now and holds on to conservative basic patterns. Although many of the world’s most important companies are based in Europe’s powerhouse, there is a lack of forward thinking. According to Webb, no big steps are needed to open the door to innovation and further development. Rather, she says, it’s a matter of analyzing the economic and strategic needs. Her appeal: “Companies need to proactively dock onto new trends without rushing to jump on the AI hype, implement internal structures and break down silos in order to be able to make a sustainable impact.”


She further said that the European SME sector is struggling with a poor economic outlook. Large companies that were pioneers decades ago are now stuck in conservative patterns and “iterate instead of innovate”. Overall, there is a lack of clear direction and plausible scenarios. “As a result, social structures and the belief in success and resilience are faltering.” At the end of the session, the futurist dispelled a digital myth: “We have all seen reports about AI generating trillions of dollars or destroying countless jobs. That’s nonsense!”, says Webb. Rather, many new business fields and professions will be created by artificial intelligence in the future. Her conclusion: Without common, data-based scenarios, concentration on long-term strategies and a joining of innovative forces, the European economy is in danger of losing out in global comparison.


Until now, the only way to get in direct contact with Webb was to cross the pond, or it required a large portion of luck, since the AI pioneer usually speaks in front of thousands of trade fair visitors. The best-selling author, who is in demand worldwide, presents her annual “Tech Trends Report” at the world’s largest digital trade fair – South by Southwest in Texas. In her role as a consultant, she develops solutions and strategic concepts for well-known companies. Now her Future Today Institute is expanding to Europe and will develop targeted scenarios for Germany led by Head of Europe Christina von Messling.

To provide a space for the cooperative further development of new approaches, ways of thinking and methods, the German digital service provider Ray Sono brought together decision-makers from the industrial and digital sectors as part of the weekly “Remote Daily” stream. As a developer of AI solutions, Ray Sono has been driving digital transformation for years and shows the community alternative solutions as a host of formats such as the renowned networking event series “AI Monday”.

Amy wisely reminded us today not to lose sight of key perspectives in the daily hype. Focus creates clarity, and clarity requires a sensible plan – developing this and strengthening innovation in Europe is what drives us.

Sebastian Krüger, spokesman of the management board, Ray Sono AG

Amy Webb is working on scenarios for all of Europe that will help organisations and governments to act and innovate for the long term. This requires interactive formats like ‘Remote Daily’. We are already looking forward to working with Ray Sono to make this a shared community – online and in person.”
Felix Zeltner, founder “Remote Daily”

First connected at South by Southwest, Ray Sono and journalist Felix Zeltner have since been working on a wide variety of concepts to jointly drive digital transformation across transatlantic borders. With the “Remote Daily” event, the first joint project has now been implemented.

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Would you like to learn more about us? Get in touch!

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