„All Hands on Deck“ – a milestone in Ray Sono’s Best Place Model

Munich, 14th of June 2023: The office is (a)live! For more than two years, we’ve aimed to afford each Ray an optimal work environment, catering to each individual’s needs. With our Best Place Model, we want to create a more inspired and productive working day for everyone. Some important milestones have already been implemented. For example, each Ray can work abroad in beautiful locations and organise their working hours flexibly, also in terms of location.

With our “All Hands on Deck Days”, we’re now launching a innovative component of our Best Place concept to emphasise the relevance of personal encounters and make the most of them. Our “All Hands on Deck Days” are an invitation to all Rays to regularly come together in our offices for four days at a time. No obligation – anything’s possible, nothing’s a must! Because: Real beer tastes better than virtual beer.

The premiere was a big success: Over 80% of our employees booked a desk spot in Munich, Frankfurt, or Berlin and the feedback has been consistently positive.

Ray Sono at its best: Real exchange, new office spaces, exciting events

“My heart is where my Rays are!” We build a stage for togetherness, open our doors, and create events that highlight our organically evolved company culture, our team spirit, and our lived values. Framed by in-house offers, changes of scenery, and professional and cultural get-togethers, we’ve created a company image built on community spirit, and the desire for shared memories and personal exchange. New high-end headphones, smart use of space, updated interiors, culinary lunch specials, after-work events, and newly built chill-out areas… this is just a small taste of all the adjustments and offers that elevate the Ray Sono experience with our “All Hands on Deck Days” and are meant to strengthen the wish to work among colleagues.

Our first “All Hands on Deck Days” have generated countless real moments, a lot of energy, and fun. It’s part of Ray Sono’s identity to not be fully remote, but a truly hybrid company that combines the best of both worlds. Each Ray can work with utmost freedom by choosing their ideal setup. This is how we can and want to grow together.

Sebastian Krüger, Member of the Executive Board, Ray Sono


Our interim conclusion based on feedback from employees who love to work in the office, is positive: the corridors, kitchens, and meeting areas and rooms are filled with life. Despite a higher noise level due to calls, it’s possible to focus on work thanks to the team zones. Offers for get-togethers across teams were popular – and the valuable feedback from our employees will help us to gradually improve the format even more. Another sustainable effect: the average rate of office presence increased by 10% in the weeks after the events.

The “All Hands on Deck Days” will become a fixed component of our new work strategy. They’ll take place regularly – constantly adjusted and improved with ideas and impulses from the teams. The next AHoDD is scheduled for the end of June. Our journey continues!

You want to learn more about Ray Sono? Get in touch!

You want to learn more about Ray Sono? Get in touch!

Niclas Junker
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