Build and operate digital touchpoints

Central elements of digital branding​

Corporate website, online shop, newsletter, social media, mobile apps and co. are an important part of a company’s digitalisation strategy. They drive customer acquisition and retention, act as sales lever and generate leads.​

Whether you need a new concept or simply the revision, expansion or migration of your touchpoints, we can help! We find the optimal solution for everyone, from SMEs to corporations.​


We formulate the strategic foundation: What do you want to achieve with your touchpoints? Who are you addressing?

Integrated agile approach

We combine the best of all disciplines right from the start – strategy, concept, design and development work hand in hand.

Touchpoint concept

We develop a coherent concept that ideally accompanies users in their customer journey and reflects the desired business goals.

Responsive design

We optimise for all devices.


We develop relevant content that enhances the user experience.

Touchpoint design

We give touchpoints an individual, state-of-the-art appearance that matches the brand image and corporate identity. 

Technical concept & performance

We create the technical basis for high-performance touchpoints. 


We increase the visibility of website and co. so that it will be found on Google.

Touchpoint development & programming

An important cornerstone is clean code. We rely on established programming languages and the latest technologies.

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A good touchpoint also requires regular maintenance. Information must be updated, new product data published and much more. To support our clients in the day-to-day administration of their digital ecosystems, we plan, manage, scale, maintain, measure and optimise their entire national and international operations.

To ensure a holistic brand and customer experience in the long term, we rely on interdisciplinary teams for our clients and continuously develop their touchpoints in terms of content and customer experience.

Ilona Kühn, Member of the Executive Board, Ray Sono

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Can we help you polish your touchpoints? Get in touch!

Can we help you polish your touchpoints? Get in touch!

Ilona Kühn
Member of the Executive Board
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