Multi-platform content experience

The right content in the right place at the right time – makes the user happy

Content is important to us. We’re experts at placing content in the best place. We design content experiences for brands that encompass every aspect of their digital cosmos. Our goal? To offer users the right experience: at every point of the customer journey and on every platform that binds them to the brand. 

Creating content experiences

By researching all platforms, we tell creative stories, develop multimedia image worlds and write claims and copy – always with modular usability in mind.  

We manage distribution across all touchpoints by using efficient workflows and having a deep knowledge of our clients’ tools and systems – from their apps and websites to their social media landscapes to their push channels like newsletters and messengers. Every piece of content is a relevant piece of communication when put in the right place. 

It’s not the most expensive content that wins or the flashiest piece of clickbait that screams at you – but the most relevant.

Johann Bayerl, Principal Consultant, Ray Sono

Components of our content experience

Multi-platform strategy

In view of our clients’ entire ecosystems, we develop holistic strategies to make every one of their users a “happy logged-in customer”. 

  • Update or redevelopment of multi-channel strategies
  • Channel and topic research
  • Content experience journeys
  • Objectives, KPIs, performance strategy
  • Strategic campaign development

Content creation 

With our “data- and research-driven creative thinking” model, we develop custom-fit creative content for all channels and target groups.

  • Research-based creative concept for content formats and campaigns
  • Multimedia production in all formats for all platforms
  • In-house production and a versatile network of external partners 
  • Content experience design for our own and for 3rd-party platforms in interdisciplinary, agile teams 

Editorial & governance

Our content desks provide editorial support for our clients’ ecosystems, always focussing on quality and performance.                        

  • Cross-platform editorial teams (editorial plans, workflows, content creation, publishing, etc.)
  • Cross-channel development of guidelines (tone of voice, imagery, SEO, etc.)
  • Traffic management in digital ecosystems
  • Advice on system and tool landscape 

Innovative content management

We deliver content right to the user – with the greatest possible impact and the least possible expense.

  • Distribution management (websites, intranet, microsites, campaign specials, apps, social, newsletter)
  • Content project management
  • Automation, personalisation
  • Content testing (AB tests etc.)
  • Evaluation and application of performance data
  • CMS maintenance in all content management systems

Special touchpoint: social

“Social” is much more than just a few nice posts on Facebook, Instagram and the like! Social networks are an important part of the customer experience. Each platform follows a different framework and offers specific functions. Our clients’ social media channels play a special role in the support Ray Sono offers. We have over 25 specialists who provide consulting, channel management and creative social content – all aimed at promoting our clients’ success. This team is responsible for over 100 channels. Our work in existing channel landscapes aims at getting effective results. We identify opportunities in new, untapped channels and orient our clients’ social strategy toward achieving their primary goals. We see social as an overarching theme for every company. Its implementation should be efficient and results-oriented. And we know exactly what we are doing. We manage more than 100 social channels for our clients – always as a holistic experience.

B2C or B2B? Our focus is B2Human – concentrate on users!

Philipp Roth, Social Media Team Lead and Member of the Ray Sono Management Committee

Philipp Roth was co-founder of and has been driven business-relevant marketing trends and social media-related topics in German-speaking countries for years. He also helped set up the AllFacebook Marketing Conference, one of the largest social media marketing conferences in Germany, which hosted over 1,000 participants. Companies, SMEs and large corporations share ideas, strategies and concepts twice a year in Munich and Berlin.

Rethinking social. Orienting social to goals. Scaling social with Ray Sono

Social strategy and analysis

Together we develop a strategy that guarantees long-term success on social channels. 

  • Update or redevelop social media strategy 
  • Target group analysis 
  • Platform strategy 
  • Ongoing reporting

Social consulting and conception 

We support social media concepts by thinking in terms of concrete goals, always with an eye on implementation. Our concepts and campaigns are never an inefficient flash in the pan. 

  • Campaign conception and implementation 
  • Workshops and training 
  • Ongoing advice in daily business

Social channel management  

Strategy only comes to life with ongoing channel management.

  • Management of social media channels from A to Z 
  • Ongoing editorial planning with or without tool support 
  • New and further development of existing content

Social content production and design 

We develop successful content for  social channels. Our methods differ as early as the set-up phase: Social First is also Mobile First.  

  • Image and video production 
  • Creation of storyboards and briefings 
  • In-house social content design 
  • Motion graphics for new or existing material

News & stories

Would you like to find out more about our Content & Social expertise? Get in touch!

Would you like to find out more about our Content & Social expertise? Get in touch!

Johann Bayerl
Principal Consultant

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