Strategy Consultant (all genders)

Start: Earliest possible date
Contract: Permanent, full-, or part-time position
Location: Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Munich

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Supporting digital transformation since 1992

Ray Sono accompanies companies throughout their digital change processes. Our industry profile is broad: from Audi and Adobe to Deutsche Bahn, Hartmann, and Zeppelin. As a subsidiary of the globally active technology group Voith, we have operated the VOITH INNOVATION LAB since 2020, which lets us raise the potential of Industry 4.0 across all business areas.

Strategic Design: Management consultancy in a digital agency

As a Strategy Consultant (all genders), you are part of our Strategic Design Team. We are often the first point of contact for new, client-side challenges. It’s our job to break these down into solvable work packages. To do this, we employ qualitative and quantitative research, diverse innovation methods, and smart project management. Most of our projects are long-term (6+ months) and "excitingly complex". You deal with many people, needs and requirements.

In your role as Strategy Consultant (all genders) … accompany and drive innovation, product development, and transformation processes. evaluate and develop existing digital products and product portfolios with the appropriate metrics and methods – in terms of business models / business cases, customer needs, technical feasibility, and profitability. analyse communication and collaboration processes to uncover the key points for optimisation and change measures. develop training for various target groups, from operations to management. are responsible for market research as well as target group and customer journey analyses. hold convincing presentations and (remote) workshops.

To give you a better idea of a typical workday, here are some of our representative questions:

  • How can AI be used to optimise the maintenance of core components in a steel plant?
  • What is the impact of digitalisation in rail freight transport – and which IoT applications can potentially generate the greatest benefit for various market participants?
  • How can we create a communication concept that helps the company hear the concerns of the over 1,000 maintenance employees who are constantly on the road – and ensure that they feel understood?

Contribute what makes you special

We are a diverse team with many types of expertise – and we are convinced that you can be a valuable team member even without a specific degree or relevant practical experience.

Whether you are a research assistant and would like to work in "real life", whether you would like to settle down at an agency, or whether you are a start-up product manager and would like more variety – tell us why we should get to know each other and which one of our issues particularly interests you!

Our expectations

  • You want to accompany our customers along their digital transformation and learn about their challenges.
  • You have a set of methods to fall back on, but you’re not afraid of a blank sheet of paper. You actively share your experiences with your team.
  • You are passionate when it comes to learning more about technical issues.
  • You enjoy expressing yourself precisely, both orally and in writing.

What to expect from us

Meaningful projects

We don’t just communicate and make PowerPoint slide decks. We develop and support our clients in the long term – in exciting industries and technologies. We work with end users and management. We don’t just make recommendations; we also build and develop. We experience the effects of our work – and use this knowledge to improve.

Your ideal workplace

Remotely from your home office, in one of our beautiful city centre hubs in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, or Munich – or a mixture of both? Crucial: Where can you work most easily and efficiently with your team and clients? Whether you prefer to work with a Mac or PC, we provide you with the optimal equipment.

Consultancy and travel

In our projects, we have a say as to when on-site appointments make sense – and when they do not. This lets us reduce travel as well as act sustainably.

Work-life balance

We offer fair overtime compensation from the first minute on, flexible working hours and sabbaticals.


We have many parents in our teams – working both full- & part-time. In Munich, we even have some reserved childcare spots at a partner nursery school.


Do you have a customer appointment that’s inconvenient to reach with public transportation? Then grab one of our hybrid company automobiles from the vehicle pool.

Communication – inside and outside of our teams

We keep in touch and stick together. Online as well. We provide good onboarding for our projects – together we find out where and how you can have the best impact. Various team and Ray Sono formats provide support and create space for internal communication.

Continuing education & career paths

You participate in our numerous internal "Ray Academy" formats and create a personal development plan with your manager – including external coaching or customised training measures. Regardless of whether your long-term goal is personnel responsibility, professional leadership, or something else entirely, we support you along your way.

Become part of our culture

Whether you are the top scorer in the "RasenMayors” Football Club, have the best skateboard or inline skating choreography in the "RollingRays" or are a new singing talent in "RayC/DC", our own band, you’ll definitely find like-minded people. You can also get involved in one of our pro bono projects ("Ray Helps") and assist the Tabaluga Children's Foundation, for example.


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What's next?

  1. Apply with your CV and a short cover letter explaining what you like about us. Use one of our above questions, for example, as a starting point.
  2. Our People Team will contact you for a first meeting with your future team.
  3. If you mutually connect, we’ll set up a second meeting with a member of our Board.
  4. The last step will be a job offer in the form of a contract.

Sounds good? Then let’s talk!

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Would you like to learn more about us? Get in touch!

Would you like to learn more about us? Get in touch!

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